• 500.0 -学校卫生服务

    学校健康服务项目由§381建立.0056年佛罗里达州. 统计. 佛罗里达州学校健康服务项目的任务是评估, 保护和促进学生健康.  Preventive and emergency school-based health services are provided to public school children. Services are provided in accordance with a local 学校健康服务 Plan jointly developed by the county health department, 学区, 及学校健康谘询委员会. School-based health services are an important component of the public health system and help to assure that Florida’s students are healthy, 在教室里,随时准备学习. 有关学校健康服务的完整指南, 程序, 和健康表格请访问学校健康网站.

    500.1 -学校卫生人员
    Care for students on a daily basis is provided by a health room aide and/or licensed practical nurse (LPN) under the guidance and direction of the school registered nurse (RN) who may or may 不 be on campus full-time. 学校的RN有知识, 教育, experience and authority to manage and provide the full range of health services in the 教育 system. 的 ultimate goal of school nursing practice is to support students’ optimal state of health to promote the capacity for successful learning. 学校注册护士服务可能包括医疗记录的解释, 评估学生的症状, 健康评估, 健康教育, 病例管理, 直接护理, 咨询, 宣传和健康检查.  You can reach the school RN by calling your child’s school or the School Health Office at 941-927-9000, ext. 32101.

    500.2 -儿童健康保险
    在佛罗里达 KidCare, 佛罗里达州为出生到18岁的儿童提供医疗保险, 即使父母一方或双方都在工作.  它由四个不同的程序组成. 当你申请保险时,佛罗里达 KidCare 将根据您的孩子的年龄和家庭收入,检查您的孩子可能有资格参加哪个项目:

    • MediKids: 1至4岁无保险儿童 
    • 健康儿童:5至18岁无保险儿童 
    • Children’s Medical Services Network: uninsured children birth through 18 who have special health care needs or ongoing medical conditions. 
    • 医疗补助:出生到18岁的儿童. 有其他医疗保险的孩子仍然有资格申请医疗补助. 

    访问 www.floridakidcare.org 或致电888-540-5437咨询.

    500.3 -牙科保险
    如果学生没有牙科医生,需要牙科服务, 与分配到学校的护士联系并寻求帮助.


    500.4 -父母的责任
    It is the responsibility of the parent to 不ify the school of any health condition of their student(s) which may require medication, 在学校或学校主办的旅行或活动中接受治疗或监测.

    500.5 -学校用药
    只要有可能,在家给药.School personnel will administer approved medications to students during the school day when it is necessary to help the child stay in school.

    • Only FDA-approved prescription and over-the-counter medications are allowed to be administered by school personnel. 
    • 药物治疗授权书(M/TAF), 由医生和家长签字, 必须提供, 药物必须按照下面描述的方式储存和使用.  See the forms section of the 学校健康服务 Manual for a current Medication/Treatment Authorization Form at www.SarasotaCounty学校.网/departments/schoolhealth.
    • 每个处方都需要M/TAF.
    • M/TAF只适用于本学年.
    • 的 parent needs to pick up medication at the end of the school year or if the medicine is discontinued. 没有捡到的药物将被丢弃.
    • Medication must be in the original prescription or unopened over-the-counter container labeled with the child’s name, 药物名称, 剂量, 以及被管理的时间.
    • A parent must deliver the signed M/TAF and medications directly to the school health room or assigned school employee so that medications can be accepted and counted.
    • In middle and high school a few specific over-the-counter medications may be given with written approval from a parent or guardian (physician authorization is 不 required). 详情请向学校护士咨询.
    • 顺势疗法疗法未经fda批准,也不会由学校人员管理.
    • Dietary supplements are 不 approved by the FDA for use as drugs and will 不 be administered by school personnel.  
      Controlled narcotic medications for severe pain management are 不 administered in the school setting. Because these medications are known to cause decreased coordination and decreased levels of consciousness, 他们提出的学习和安全问题对学生来说可能是危险的.

    治疗设备如雾化器和血糖仪必须由母体提供. An M/TAF signed by a licensed health care provider and the parent must be on file along with a signed 不arized affidavit.  这两种表格只适用于本学年. 

    当轮椅, 需要拐杖或其他临时辅助设备, 它们必须由父节点提供. 的 school will need an Orthopedic Injury Assistive Device Authorization Form signed by the licensed health care provider and parent. 此表格只适用于本学年. 有关表格,请参阅学校卫生服务手册的表格章节.

    500.6 -筛检服务
    视力检查, 听力, 脊柱侧凸, height and weight are mandated by Florida Administrative Code 64F-6003 for specific groups of students, 根据年级水平. 签署《父母健康服务同意书, 父母/监护人允许进行非侵入性检查.

    Screenings do 不 diagnose but are designed to identify students who have results outside the normal limits. When necessary, the school RN refers students to other health care professionals for evaluation. Early identification and treatment of physical problems are paramount to academic achievement. 父母 must inform the school in writing if they do 不 wish their student to participate in any portion of this program.

    • 公斤-颜色,视觉,听力
    • 听力,身高/体重,视力
    • 3 -视力,身高/体重
    • 6 -视觉,听力,身高/体重,脊柱侧弯
    • 身高/体重
    • 新入国家二级-视觉,听觉
    • 新入州四年级 & 5 -视觉,听觉

    500.7 -健康问题和健康室的使用
    学生 too ill to remain in class must request permission from their course teacher to report to the health room for evaluation. 家长可以联系,以确定学生是否回家或返回课堂.
    学生可能  在以下条件下继续上学:

    • 温度100以上.4华氏度
    • 呕吐
    • 未知的皮疹
    • 腹泻
    • 活跃的头虱


    的 student must be fever-free without the aid of medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

    Children identified with health-related issues will be referred to the school RN for follow-up. 的 school RN may contact the parent for assistance in developing an individualized healthcare plan for the student.

    的 萨拉索塔学校卫生服务手册 利记平台网址所有健康相关主题的参考吗.  它可以在 www.SarasotaCounty学校.网/departments/schoolhealth.

    500.8 .食物过敏
    食品和营养服务与家长合作, students and nurses to make appropriate and reasonable accommodations to students with medically documented food allergies, and will assist them in navigating the school environment according to the 程序 developed for food allergies in schools.  食物 and 营养服务 will follow 食物 Allergy Guidelines developed by the School Health Team (Florida Department of Health in Sarasota County Nurses and the Sarasota County School Nurses), 食品和营养服务人员以及利记平台网址健康咨询委员会.  

    • Approved Menu Modification Medical 统计ement (MMMS) request forms are required for all students with dietary restriction, 食物不耐受和食物过敏. 的 MMMS forms are to be updated annually with the 食物 and 营养服务 Central  Office.
    • 如果学生没有从学校食堂购买食物或饮料, 不需要填写MMMS表格. 
    • 的se forms are available on the 食物 and 营养服务 website and require a physician’s signature.